Kunst Kultur Soziales. Hamburg

Art and Religion

Artists project on social significance and sacred power of art. From their own experience artists ask questions about being and becoming. They demand for the unconditional right and the obligation to review and planning our future. existence.

Monument to Life

Project work in collaboration with – amongst others – the artists Michael Jansen and Astra art studios:

Creation of public sculptures, whose form, structure and presence allude to the uncertainty of life and the right to joy. In the run-up to this project, small relief multiples were made – thanks to funds made available by the Artforum Culture Foundation – which were then given to particularly committed benefactors by the German Cancer Foundation in appreciation.

Project „Remember“

A cultural history of the 80's and 90's.

Project „artists photography“

With a main focus on the work of Heinz G.Mebusch.


Contribution to the third largest exhibition of contemporary art in Germany

IAM - international art moves

Contribution to the international network of art schools and academies.The concept of the iam project is to build up cooperations with international art schools and academies represent both the best talents and a qualifying element of curatorial know how.

Artists support

Individual support for artists ( a.o. Heinz Zolper, Ursula Reinsch, Martin Müller)

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